LokBox Storage

LOK BOX Mobile Storage is a fast, easy, economical solution for your short-term storage needs.

Got Stuff? Lox Box is the Solution!

  • Storage while remodeling or renovating
  • Unclutter a home for sale
  • Emergency storage after disaster: fire, flood, wind
  • Winter storage of patio or deck furniture
  • Clean a garage for the winter or an attic forever
  • Local moves - Whether renting or buying, upsizing or downsizing
  • Your new home isn't finished yet
  • Seasonal goods storage
  • Finished goods storage
  • Raw materials storage
  • Renovating or remodeling
  • Record or document storage
  • Local moves
  • Protect your customers' possessions
  • Improve your efficiency and clear your workspace
  • On-site tool, equipment & supply storage
  • Move materials to and from the job-site
Special Events
  • Short-term and long-term storage for sales, events or fundraising